Marie Haga (Crop Trust):

“Coffee: Here Today; Gone Tomorrow?” 

  • How will producers overcome the ever-mutating Leaf Rust menace?
  • How will producers overcome the as-yet-unknown challenges that will come about due to climate change?
  • Where can the Specialty Coffee producers find new, wonderful tastes and aromas?
  • How will the coffee industry as a whole meet the increasing global demand for more coffee?

CV Marie Haga:

Executive Director - Global Crop Diversity Trust

Marie Haga joined the Global Crop Diversity Trust (Crop Trust) as Executive Director in March 2013.  She had previously been member and Deputy Chair of the Crop Trust Executive Board.

Ms. Haga has a background from Foreign Service as a career diplomat from politics and private sector.

She has held various positions in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affaires, including to the Norwegian Mission to the United Nations in New York and the Embassy in New Delhi. She was politically appointed and held the position as State Secretary/Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1997-1999.

Ms. Haga has wide experience from politics and served as a Member of Parliament in Norway from 2001-2009. She was political advisor to the Minister for Development Cooperation from 1997-1998. She was Chairperson of the Centre Party from 2003-2008. Ms. Haga has held three Ministerial positions: Minister of Cultural Affairs (1999–2000), Minister of Local Government and Regional Development (2005–2007) and Minister of Petroleum and Energy (2007–2008).

Marie Haga has held the position of Director for Renewable Energy in the Federation of Norwegian Industries (2009–2011) and of Secretary General of the Norwegian Air Ambulance (2011-2013) - the biggest voluntary organization in Norway.

Ms. Haga has been on several boards, including as Chair of the Governing Board of the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) (2009–2013) and Chair of the Governing Board of the Industrial Development Corporation of Norway (2010–2013).

She was elected Chair of the Norwegian Peace Research Institute in 2015 and is still holding this position.

Marie Haga has also published three books - one novel and two on Norwegian politics.


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