Nanda Bergstein (Tchibo):

Moving the needle towards more sustainability in the coffee sector – what can we learn from other sectors?


CV Nanda Bergstein:

Nanda Bergstein is the Director Corporate Responsibility at the Coffee Brand and Consumer Goods retailer Tchibo since 2018.

Before she joined Tchibo in 2007, she worked at the sustainability consultancy Systain (Otto Group) and at the development NGO SAMUHA in rural South India. She holds a BA in International Relations and an MSc in ‘Gender, Development and Globalisation’ from the London School of Economics.

Nanda Bergstein and her team are responsible for transitioning Tchibo towards a 100% sustainable business as part of the overall corporate strategy.

Her work focusses on human rights and environmental protection in all Tchibo supply chains and products as well as contributing to society and social change at a larger level.

In her career, Ms. Bergstein has developed and negotiated some of the most ground-breaking initiatives in the Consumer Goods sector, for example the Tchibo WE Programme, the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety or ACT on Living Wages.

Her current focus strongly lies on the sustainability of the Coffee sector, digitalization, creating empowerment along all levels of the supply chains and finally connecting the dots to the consumer.





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